Jack Elliott has worked on many films situated in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. As the head of the greens team he is committed to suppling quality greens to suit whatever the job requires. From a desert landscape in a studio to a rainforest in a carpark, we can do it.

"Increasingly challenging projects both excite and motivate us..."

This work can involve sourcing specific plant materials, both real and artificial, locally and offshore. We have experience in importing both live and artificial plant material for a variety of uses. Earths, gravels, rock and natural timber are also sourced for the specific requirements of individual sets and locations. We have experience and techniques for relocating large live trees and constructing large trees with artificial foliage for interior and exterior sets.

Equipped and trained crews can be assembled to undertake greens projects anywhere at anytime.

Images of film production can be viewed here.

The images on display on the sides of the page are as follows, from top to bottom, left to right:
- Ghost Rider
- Australia
- The Boys are Back
- Anacondas
- Ghost Rider
- The Boys are Back

Film Production.

Work completed for Anacondas production:
- Enhancement of locations in and around the Navua river and Suva in Fiji.
- Creation of vegetation cladding for the "sink hole" set.
- Aquisition of swamp vegetation for wet stage set.

Work completed for Australia production:
- Enhancing Government house location and completely recreating it in studio.
- Created landscape elements for 1930's Darwin set constructed in Bowen.
- Period ornamental garden plantings vegetable gardens, lawns, trees and roads.
- Construction of established gardens and lawns for Faraway Downs located 70km from Kununurra.
- Relocation of mature fruit trees Boabs and Eucalypts to same location.
- Recreation of major elements and numerous outback settings in studio.

Australia photography by Justin Griffiths.

The Boys are Back in Town
Work completed for The Boys are Back in Town production:
- Creation of established gardens to enhance 100 year-old homestead constructed in South Australia.

Ghost Rider
Work completed for Ghost Rider production:
- Construction of landscape for “San Venganza", styled for the 1880's.
- Built Mexican village in a large coolroom in suburban Melbourne.
- Created swamp set in studio.

Ned Kelly
Work completed for Ned Kelly production:
- Construction of early settler landscapes.

The Quiet American
Work completed for The Quiet American production:
- Enhancement of locations and sets with plant materials in Vietnam. recreation of matching plantings and scenes in Sydney including constructing a rice field.

Work completed for Stealth production:
- Creation of demilitarilized zone set, which involved stripping existing vegetation and installing dead trees stumps and debris.

Where the Wild Things Are
Work completed for Where the Wild Things Are production:
- Creation and enhancement of forests in studio and on location in Victoria.

Work completed for Wolverine production:
- Created battlefield landscapes of American Civil War, WWI, Normandy landing in WWII and a Vietnamese village.












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